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The Unobtainable Cinnamon Roll

I carried a cinnamon roll in a paper bag around for nearly four hours today.

It was to be my afternoon snack, but I never quite found the five minutes necessary to run downstairs and microwave it (because everyone who’s anyone knows cinnamon rolls are best eaten when warm). I bounced from meeting, to someone’s desk, to meeting, to impromptu huddle, etc, bag in hand. The grease from the pastry slowly eating through the paper bag like lye on skin.

So yes: work, while awesome, has been crazy-go-nuts busy lately. It makes me really empathize with this dog:

At least in 20 days I too will be airlifted away, to England.

In unrelated GPOY news, here’s a picture of me taken after the Rubi Girls performance several weeks back.


The photo, a rarity in that it’s one of me I really like, is courtesy of my talented photographer friend Bill. Or as I like to call him, “Photo Willy.” Though I will never call him that to his face.

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  1. You are unique! I miss you so much!! Have fun in England! I think my next vacation will be there too. Well, I need to find a job first, but I am already planning my next vaca!

    • Josh Bales Josh Bales

      Thank you for the (I think) compliment. Haha. I miss you too. It looks like you are having a ball in Brazil. I’m not sure I would want to leave…!

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